Wastewater and sludge treatment

Planning and execution 

The function of a wastewater treatment plant is essential for our environment. Therefore, their planning and supervision of the execution require engineering services that combine modern technology and the current state of science.

In addition to "classical" and conventional municipal wastewater treatment plants, our experts and specialists plan and commission digestion plants, sludge dewatering plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants, and wastewater treatment plants with the fourth treatment stage.

For this purpose, interdisciplinary civil, environmental, mechanical, safety, and process engineers work together at DAR and prepare mature economic concepts.

All services from the Official Scale of Fees of Services by Architects and Engineers (HOAI, in German) are provided to our clients during the execution of their projects through contract awarding, contract execution, and construction work. Our professional experts' on-site management of construction projects can bring the best technology and economical solutions to the construction project.

DAR can rely on decades of experience and makes this available to our clients.


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