Sewer rehabilitation

Damage assessment, planning, and execution

The need to rehabilitate drainage systems today is beyond doubt from an ecological point of view, given the known structural and operational conditions of wastewater pipes and sewers.

In Germany alone, 17 % of the approximately 446,000 kilometers of system length require rehabilitation in the short or medium term. In the case of house connection pipes, which are about twice the length of the sewers, around 40 % need rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation of pipelines and sewers comprises a multitude of different planning and construction works, which are performed or supervised by DAR with the necessary know-how as integrated planning according to the requirements of DIN EN 752:

  • Condition assessment (inspection) 
  • Condition description (abbreviation system)  
  • Condition documentation (sewer database)
  • Condition classification and evaluation (damage classes) 
  • Condition improvement planning (rehabilitation concept)
  • Condition improvement (rehabilitation measures)


Contact person: Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Holzbeck 
phone: +49 611 36096-0
fax: +49 611 36096-12

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