Hydraulic engineering

The flood events on the Oder and Elbe rivers, which put people's livelihoods in danger, are well remembered. Once again, it became clear that flood protection can only be implemented with nature and not against it. Essential measures include the designation of floodplains, the loss of which has led to an aggravation of the flood hazard. Technically, retention areas are created, among other things, through the construction of polders or dike relocation. 

Experts in hydraulic engineering resolve tasks in interdisciplinary teams while considering environmental aspects through constructions harmonized with nature to the maximum extent possible. The range of services of DAR includes:

  • Planning of flood retention measures
  • Repair of flood protection facilities
  • Watercourse development plans and near-natural watercourse development
  • Surveying of hydraulic engineering facilities (dikes, structures, among others)
  • Creation and maintenance of installation registers
  • Digital, GIS-based dike and embankment registers


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