Occupational safety

Health and safety coordination:

We provide the necessary health and safety coordination (SiGeKo, in German) for the planning and execution phases of new construction and reconstruction projects, including the remediation of contaminated sites and asbestos, in the fields of structural, underground, industrial, and civil engineering. Considering the necessary coordination of the companies involved in the construction, we attach great importance to optimal construction progress.

With the preparation of the preliminary notice and the health and safety plan or the document for subsequent work on the construction site according to the building site regulation, we support a smooth and economical construction process.

We control the anticipatory planning during the execution by site inspections, including written and illustrated documentation.

We can also prepare construction site layout plans, escape and rescue plans, emergency concepts, and site regulations as a further service.

Link: Check list SiGeKo (in German)

Fire protection:

In fire protection, we support you by providing fire protection regulations. More specifically, we can offer you the preparation of alarm and fire department plans, escape and rescue plans or even run maps adapted to your company. We instruct your employees competently on the subject of fire protection. We also carry out the training and further education of fire protection assistants according to DGUV Information 205-023, including practical fire extinguishing exercises for you. Company inspections and the performance of the function of the fire protection officer are also part of our portfolio.

Specialist for Occupational Safety (SIFA, in German):

We provide occupational safety specialists for your association, city, or company. We also offer you competent advice in all matters of occupational safety. In doing so, we work following the Occupational Safety Act (ASiG, in German) and partake in Industrial Safety Committee (ASA, in German) meetings. We are active for you in the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Wastewater/Waste
  • Traffic/Logistics
  • Cemetery and funeral services
  • Gardening/Landscaping
  • Building yards
  • Administration/Office

Safety engineering planning

Engineering structures are part of the range of services provided by the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers (HOAI, in German), such as wastewater treatment and disposal and structural and underground engineering. The specialist engineers often can't thoroughly document all the operational and necessary clearances to consider in planning. In addition, an appropriate workplace regulation also has to include procedural interrelationships based on the workplace ordinances. We take over the safety-related planning for you or check existing plans concerning the aspects of occupational safety. The goal is to avoid later building measures during the new construction of plants or modifications in advance.  

Technical lectures and training courses

Our experts in the DAR's Occupational Safety Department are pleased to offer you technical lectures and training courses, information events, and instructions for operating personnel. We provide in-house training or training at our premises. Our experts are also active as expert speakers at the German Water Association (DWA, in German).

Safety-related documents

We can prepare the following safety-related documents for you:

Service and operating instructions 

with training and education to avoid accidents, health hazards, and operational disturbances.

Alarmpläne, Flucht- und Rettungspläne

by showing the premises, emergency exits, emergency escape routes, locations of fire extinguishers, assembly points in the event of an alarm, chemicals' sites, and necessary safety equipment.

Hazard prevention plans

with the necessary safety data sheets showing hazards, essential protective and countermeasures, as well as first aid measures in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Explosion protection zone plans

with the designation of plant-specific explosion protection zones based on knowledge of operational and process engineering procedures.

Explosion protection certificates

with a compilation of the documents necessary to evaluate explosion zones according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV, in German).

Risk assessments

with analysis of workplace-related or activity-related hazards and presentation of the necessary occupational safety measures at the workplaces based on the Occupational Safety Act, the Industrial Safety Ordinance, and the Biological Substances Ordinance.

Hazardous substances registry

with an index of the hazardous substances used in the plant operation in compliance with the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV, in German) with substance designation, classification, details of quantities, and representation of the work area, including a risk assessment for the workplaces and work areas.

Fire department plans according to DIN 14095

following the requirements of the building permit authorities in coordination with the responsible fire unit departments, with construction and safety data as well as a depiction of particular danger points such as flammable, explosive, biological, radioactive materials and high-voltage installations.

Hygiene/Infection Protection:

We are also active for you in hygiene and infection protection.

Particularly in the current times of SARS-CoV-2 ("Corona"), hygiene is paramount.

To avoid illnesses/infections of your employees, we create for you:

  • The hygiene concept for plants and facilities with suggestions for practical implementation
  • The risk assessment regarding SARS-CoV-2
  • The epidemic/pandemic plan for your company, taking into account the company's needs and circumstances

We adhere to the current occupational health and safety regulations. Thus, an active contribution is made to infection protection for your employees and, therefore, also for the population.

Contact person: Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Hanfler 
phone: +49 611 36096-0
fax: +49 611 36096-12
e-mail: thomas.hanfler@dar.de