Technical equipment

The specialized equipment within wastewater treatment plants and drainage systems comprises mechanical engineering, instrumentation and control engineering (ICE), and technical building equipment.

Our team of professionally and practically experienced mechanical technicians and mechanical engineers carry the technical planning for the technical equipment. Specialized engineers in ICE, technical building equipment, and occupational safety assist them.

Holistic planning is at the forefront of our daily work. This task encompasses evaluating existing technical equipment, presenting planning variants, selecting demand-driven processes and mechanical engineering systems. In addition to the actual planning of machines and facilities, holistic planning includes considering occupational safety aspects, possible adaptation scenarios during ongoing operation, and expected operating costs.

We can identify with a high degree of cost certainty, based on quotation requests, already completed projects, and an extensive database of prices for wastewater treatment plants and drainage systems in an early planning phase.

As much as evaluating offers and assessing potential contractors' economic and technical capabilities, our engineering services incorporate preparing performance specifications and compiling further tender documents.

In the run-up to the implementation, the executing company must prepare construction documentation and planning based on our performance specifications and information plans. In addition to developing and submitting execution plans, this includes submitting technical documents and specification sheets. Our engineering specialists review and approve the submitted documentation before execution starts. 

Our specialist engineers monitor and coordinate the assembly activities during the actual execution through regular on-site appointments and documentation of the execution progress. Commissioning takes place following the installation. It includes completeness checks, commissioning the plant components and the process control system, trial operation of machines and facilities to identify and eliminate defects. Final joint approval confirms that all requirements have been met.

The control to meet deadlines and regular communication between all parties involved is particularly important in this project phase.

We are happy to advise and support you in your projects with planning and monitoring services of the technical equipment for

  • New buildings
  • Alterations and additions works
  • Maintenance measures
  • Optimization
  • Commissioning


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